Giuli Schacht BIO

Giuli Schacht, now a veritable force of nature within the entertainment and business communities, was born in the small mid western town of Alexandria, Indiana. There she first absorbed the values of healthy living, later finding fruition in her personal and professional life. Some of her first memories are of gardening, bringing the freshest possible ingredients to the cutting board.

At the tender age of 13, she moved with her family to the hustle of San Francisco where she was exposed to a completely new cultural philosophy regarding a completely naturally way of living. The city’s intense health food following only increased her interest. She came in contact with Alice Waters and other cooking gurus, who set in motion Giuli’s lifelong commitment to well-rounded, fresh cuisine. Also emerging was her interest in businesses building; by creating unique businesses, she knew she could spread the word about the benefits and ease of living this way.

After studying business at San Francisco State University, at 23, she began a successful catering company, the Deluxe Delivery Deli. She catered many corporate and arts events in the Bay Area, and soon after expanded her services into production design in New York City for production companies and nightclubs. All the while, her interest in music and the performing and visual arts steadily grew.

In 1989, as a corporate chef for KKR, Giuli moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to begin Renaissance, a corporate catering service for clients such as Long, Haymes and Carr, Piedmont Craftsmen and SECCA. She constantly marveled at her client’s appreciation and curiosity for fresh food.

Always an entrepreneur, she redesigned and developed a dilapidated turn of the century building, into thriving successful art and antique emporium, drawing many new artists to the city’s downtown Arts District. As the owner /operator Giuli’s responsibilities included managing 55 separately owned vendors in a 6,000 square foot space, marketing/advertising, purchasing, merchandising, day to day operations, employee hiring and accounting are, these are but a few of the skills required running a business of this magnitude. Giuli was the recipient of the prestigious Downtown Beautification Award.

In Winston-Salem she soon came in contact with the North Carolina School of the Arts, and  completed the Adult Immersion Filmmaking course and continued to study, taking a variety of filmmaking discipline classes offered at one of the premier art schools in the US, and currently one the finest and fastest growing film schools. Giuli’s experience with business building, her love of healthy food, and her strong interest in film and TV, all came together when she opened Film House.

Once situated in the same building which once housed the Emporium, the Film House was a teeming production company, providing extensive services for the film and digital age (including DV, 16 and 35mm, animation and web design).

After finishing The Rise of the Creative Class documentary with Richard Florida; Giuli focused her energies on the development of Go Natural, an agritourism TV healthy cooking and lifestyle program. This led Giuli to originally Asheville and now New Smyrna Beach, Florida land of sun and surf, where she is teaching Go Natural healthy cooking classes and has begun shooting the first show in a series being developed with PBS at Daytona Beach State (WCEU). Stay tuned for studio and cable information this concept is truly inspired by Nature.